Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Shehrazade...In Love"

.....And then Shehrazade stepped into the secret garden.The scent of Jasmine overwhelmed her, and she felt he was there....!He took her by surprise, held her hand, and together they strolled towards the water fountain overflowing with crystal water and rose petals.........!

7Carat Peridots, Pearls , tiny silver peridots beads.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

...right side lace design.

More Bookmarks

Who said reading is not "colorful"!
opal bookmark,coral bookmark.

"Blue strikes again...."

....irresisstably pretty!!

"Multigem Disc Earring"

Domed silver disc,embroidered around with sterling silver wire and semiprecious stones.

"Both ways sautoir"

This sautoir is unbelievable.It could fit on an Arabian traditional kaftan....and on a summer dress in a Beverly Hills boutique.Not to mention a sleek black cashmere highneck....killingly elegant.

...side detail.

......and a matching earring.

"A Mediterranean Fish bangle"

You almost can see the sea....smell the weeds and die for a swim in the mediterranean.It's all in this bangle,its summerish(very), feminine and ultra modern, but looks bedouin too!

"....tres chic Bedouin Bangle"

You could wear three of these bangles together.Beautiful jingling sound ....
They are so elegant ,you could wear them with a designer suit....say par example....Roberto Cavalli!!!!!!!!????

Friday, June 26, 2009

"My stylish Country...."

A nation's symbol does not have to be depressing.......Viva Palestina!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Waves and Drops"

I accidentally dropped an amathyst, and then a aquamarine briolette,the two colors just fell in love,and voila.........that's what came out of this love story.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Mediterranean Summer" jewelry collection invitation card.

....adding the finishing touches to my jewelry.Saturday is show day.Have a look at the invitation.Designed by my generous cousin Jason Shawwa.It is in both Arabic and English.Wish you wereall around.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

"Blessings of a pen and papper"

.....After about nine years of being into the jewelry making art and business:sketching,tearing papper,imagining,,making big shows,earning money...going broke...being overjoyed,getting deppressed.Well after all that I thought,it's probably time for some change....!Its time for tutoring,passing on some basic skills to others.

Well i have been thinking this over for a couple of months,doing nothing but daydreaming about workshop detais,supplies list,possible success....and failure of course.

But my magic pen surprised me,(it always does).It went on writing things,details,fast like a wild horse.Listing supplies,suggesting techniques,implying approaches of sharing knowledge...and more.

Anyway i am on my way towards accomplishing my first real workshop.Written work will be finalized in a day or two.I have learned a lot from fellow designers/friends from all over the world,to them i am thankful and grateful.May God always bless me with a flowing pen!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

...Mauve lace"

beautiful woven wire pendant,amathyst,quartz,pearls and crystal.
Suspended from soft multicolour organza pretty and girlish!

"Woven Waves" earrings

Woven semiprecious stones and glass beads.Silver earring posts.

" you like it" earring

....just slide out the bead you do not want.Either wear it with the turquoise chips,or
the lapis or coral beads.I wear them together.Note that turquoise,coral and lapis was was a favourite old Egyptian color scheme.

"....and a Happy New Year!" cute as it gets.Never seen something sweeter!
Necklace.Similar x-mas tree earring available

"Book-marks" need to be elegant....even as a book worm.
Silver, amathyst, citrine,blue cat'seye, green cat's eye,onyx,and coral bookmarks/

"Victorian Scribbles"Set

......Some wire,a little scribbling, and that's it!

"Spring In My Heart"

"Spring in My Heart"Set

Rose Quartz oval beads, turquoise,pearl, pink crystal .Sterling silver.