Thursday, July 02, 2009

...right side lace design.

More Bookmarks

Who said reading is not "colorful"!
opal bookmark,coral bookmark.

"Blue strikes again...."

....irresisstably pretty!!

"Multigem Disc Earring"

Domed silver disc,embroidered around with sterling silver wire and semiprecious stones.

"Both ways sautoir"

This sautoir is unbelievable.It could fit on an Arabian traditional kaftan....and on a summer dress in a Beverly Hills boutique.Not to mention a sleek black cashmere highneck....killingly elegant.

...side detail.

......and a matching earring.

"A Mediterranean Fish bangle"

You almost can see the sea....smell the weeds and die for a swim in the mediterranean.It's all in this bangle,its summerish(very), feminine and ultra modern, but looks bedouin too!

"....tres chic Bedouin Bangle"

You could wear three of these bangles together.Beautiful jingling sound ....
They are so elegant ,you could wear them with a designer suit....say par example....Roberto Cavalli!!!!!!!!????