Friday, February 27, 2009

"Blessings of a pen and papper"

.....After about nine years of being into the jewelry making art and business:sketching,tearing papper,imagining,,making big shows,earning money...going broke...being overjoyed,getting deppressed.Well after all that I thought,it's probably time for some change....!Its time for tutoring,passing on some basic skills to others.

Well i have been thinking this over for a couple of months,doing nothing but daydreaming about workshop detais,supplies list,possible success....and failure of course.

But my magic pen surprised me,(it always does).It went on writing things,details,fast like a wild horse.Listing supplies,suggesting techniques,implying approaches of sharing knowledge...and more.

Anyway i am on my way towards accomplishing my first real workshop.Written work will be finalized in a day or two.I have learned a lot from fellow designers/friends from all over the world,to them i am thankful and grateful.May God always bless me with a flowing pen!


A Fly On The Wall said...

You will always have the blessings that you so freely share!

Thanks for your inspiration!

Robyn Hawk

Anonymous said...

Blessed are your fingers and continue progressing with your wonderful immagination....

Sr. Elisabeth